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Health Sciences Mental and Emotional Health Skills Essentials 


ABC-IQ skills programs and applications are complementary to any curriculum, providing educator, health specialist, leader, youth and parent support training, all available online with support options of in residence consultation, risk assessment and personalized learning training.

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Skills Training Online / in Residence Workshops

Educator / Healer / Literacy Specialist / Administrator / Counselor

Health Sciences Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Psych, RN, / At Risk Youth Support / Parent / Care Giver

Wellness Workers / Social Services / Home School Provider

ABC-IQ Leaders Training and Team Building

Developing Leadership Capacity in the Next Generation of Future Skilled Leaders

Trauma, Resiliency, Preparedness, Essential Skills

Police Training, EMS, Trauma Teams, Pilot, First Res ponder

Heath Sciences Skills Essentials Leaders Consulting and Training

Obstacles On Course Team Building

Corporate or Sports Training

ABC-IQ Culture Arts Literacy Skills Development

English as a Second Language Literacy Skills Development

Immigrant and Cultural Integration

Bridging, Writing Skills Courses and Skills Development

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Cognitive Behavioral Science Mental and Emotional Health Skills

Educator / Leadership Training

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